COVID Statement

At Groov Club, we understand how everyone, to a certain degree, is affected by social distancing and restrictions recommended by CDC in view of the COVID-19 situation. As such, our Groov Club app provides easy access to various services from a variety of sectors across the market. Our clients are free to engage any of the services found in our app and the service professionals will personally deliver the booked services at the comfort of our clients’ home or place of business. Our service partners are recommended to follow all CDC guidelines along with the regulations enforced by the state to deliver exceptional service within a safe environment.

Safe Environment

Groov Club is committed to providing a safe environment for all our clients along with our service partners. Throughout this pandemic, we have taken critical steps and dynamic measures to help maintain the welfare of everyone involved with Groov Club. Our team makes it a point to monitor the daily situation and always stay up-to-date with the latest recommendations from health agencies.

Antigen Rapid Test

All of our service partners are required to perform and clear an antigen rapid test which needs to be submitted to us before they are allowed to visit a client’s residence or place of business to deliver their services. Clients are also required to complete the same procedure so as to enable us to maintain a safe environment for both parties.

Facial Mask

All of our service partners are required to mask up while delivering services and clients are expected to comply to the same requirement unless the situation does not permit the donning of mask (facials, makeup, and so on).

Good Hygiene

Our service partners have been extensively briefed to practice good hygiene while delivering their services. Greeting of clients is done through an alternative method instead of a handshake. They also sanitize their tools and equipment as well as their clothing to eliminate any contaminants before facilitating any services. Service partners are also reminded to avoid touching their faces and always cough and sneeze with their mask on. They are also to sanitize their work area upon arriving at the client’s residence or place of business and sanitize once again after finishing their job. It is also recommended for service partners to work in a well-ventilated room whenever permissible.


The main concept of Groov Club is to have services facilitated at the comfort of our clients’ home. Even so, service partners are reminded to keep at least 6 feet away from clients unless the services require close contact (massage, haircuts, and so on). For services that can be conducted from a videoconferencing platform (financial services, tutoring, and so on), service partners are highly recommended to opt for the virtual alternative whenever possible.

Staying Vigilant

We recommend both service partners and clients to stay vigilant at all times. Always practice caution and uphold proper social distancing measures as recommended by the CDC to help maintain a safe service environment for everyone.