Groov App Code of Conduct

For Service Providers:
● Be Respectful.
● Have open ears for the Client’s needs & communicate respectfully.
● Always verify with Clients before heading to their location.
● Update your Groov App profile Services and Availability regularly.
● Always have health safety items with you for appointments, such as alcohol prep pads,
facial masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and cleaning wipes.
● Double check all your items & products needed for appointments. (This could affect your
● Maintain proper hygiene when going to appointments.

For Groov Clients:
● Be respectful.
● Explain what you need done clearly.
● Always verify that the identity of the Service Provider who arrives agrees with their app
● Always make Service Providers aware of any allergies, as well as pets or unavoidable
safety hazards they may encounter at your location.
● Maintain proper hygiene for appointments.
● Have an open and well-lit spot where your service provider can work on or with you.
● Keep a clean area for your provider to work without disruption from pets, smells,
messes, active cooking, open food containers, excessive noise, and other distractions.

Statement of Our Core Values

Company Vision
We envision a service industry that people can trust to consistently deliver optimal experiences
for the consumer. Groov Club is the platform that builds the bridge between vetted service
providers of all kinds and their clients around the world!

Our values are founded on Integrity, Respect, and Quality of services.

Groov Club is the platform that connects the dots – not only giving our clients convenience to
reach vetted beauty, health & wellness, home and garden, pet and personal services, but also
giving their neighboring self-employed individuals and brick and mortar businesses access to a
wider customer network via digital media to make connections to better serve their communities.